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Prevent Chargebacks the same way as Amazon- Chargeback Protection

Our software prevents & decreases chargebacks the same way as large enterprises (Amazon, Ebay)
but for All Ecommerce

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Trusted By Over 3,000+ companies,
similar methods used by Amazon, Paypal, Ebay and many other Ecommerce Platforms
Plus Uviba have no dispute limit

No More Frozen Funds

Uviba decreases Risk of Stripe, Paypal, Merchant accounts got shut down and freeze your funds. When Customers open disputes via bank, your dispute rate increases and merchant account shut down. Uviba let customers open disputes directly through email

  • Unlimited Disputes
  • Merchant makes the end decision
  • Proven Method - Used by Amazon, Ebay, Paypal
  • Simulate Tracking Without Tracking Number
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We had many chargebacks that Stripe, Paypal and merchant accounts put reserves & shut down our account. Since we use Uviba, we are able to grow. Uviba was the missing part in payment industry


Jasur Hasanov

Uviba Customer


System that gives control back to merchant

Customer open dispute through email instead of going to the bank. The Bank doesn't see those disputes, Merchant makes the end decision

  • Open Dispute Through Email
  • Simulate Expected Delivery Date
  • Shows Full Timeline for Payment
  • Merchant makes the end decision
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Simulate Real-Time Tracking

Right After Payment, Uviba will simulate tracking without having tracking code so that customers don't worry

  • Instant Tracking Access
  • Simulate Exptected Delivery Date
  • Your Brand, Name and Logo
  • Fully Customizable
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  • Your Own Resolution Center same as Amazon, Paypal, eBay
  • Decide who wins the chargebacks
  • Combine All Payment Gateways In ONE API, Plugin, Integration
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