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We Handle Disputes

Uviba decreases disputes by chargeback protection, so you can get approved instantly even you are high risk!

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Premium Dashboard with Premium Payment API

Custom Features, Premium Support. We support you as our business partner.


They put 90 days reserves, We DON'T

Every Other Payment Company Put 90 days Reserves for your funds if they think your business is risky. We handle it differently!

  • High Risk Supported
  • No more 100% Reserves
  • High Growth Supported
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Chargeback Protection

We decrease the chargeback rate by handling them ourselves instead of banks.

  • Uviba Handle Chargebacks
  • Less Dispute Rate
  • Higher Revenue



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per payment

  • Save 1% On Shopify Fees.
  • Integrate in few seconds.
  • No setup or hidden fees.
  • Real-time fee reporting for all payment processors

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