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The Best Dispute resolution Technology For High Volume Online Businesses Scale with no limits + Save 1% On Shopify Fees


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Use 4111 1111 1111 1111 as card number

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No Frozen Funds

Scale without fear of frozen funds — best for high-growth businesses.

international any type of card fraud protection
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In 29 seconds, you can integrate it manually using our Documentation, or automatically by our plugins for Shopify, Wordpress, Clickfunnels.

in 29 seconds 2 blocks of codes ready to go
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We Handle Disputes

PayPal handle disputes, Stripe doesn't, you add Uviba and you no longer need PayPal, we handle disputes for Stripe accounts.

more conversion less disputes happy customers

Premium Dashboard with Premium Payment API

Custom Features, Premium Support. We support you as our business partner.


Instant Bank Payments

Customers sign in to their bank account, and pay you. Usually it takes weeks to know bank transactions succeed or not, with Uviba, it is instant.

  • Customers - (login and pay)
  • Almost 2X cheaper than Card Payments
  • No Fraud, no disputes limits
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One API for all Payments

Instead of investing time on integrating complex payment APIs, only use Uviba, and Uviba will combine all others in one API.

  • Bank Payments - (login and pay)
  • Stripe, Braintree and many more processors
  • Paypal and traditional merchant accounts



4.3% + 50¢
per payment

This fees applies for customers that have over 5k USD monthly transactions, if you do less than that amount, custom fees will apply. Please contact us for custom fees
  • Save 1% On Shopify Fees.
  • No Frozen Funds.
  • Integrate in few seconds.
  • No setup, monthly, or hidden fees.
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Real-time fee reporting for all payment processors

Instant Bank,Card Payments

Integrate our API, decrease huge amount costs, and save time.

Accept any online payments.

Our API will help your company to accept payments all over the world.

Bank Payments

Uviba is only solution that helps startups to accept instant bank payments

You're in good company.
Join businesses on Uviba to accept payments!

Uviba is chosen by hundreds of businesses around the globe. They are happy with our service.

How does it work?

Docs 29 seconds integration

Node.js PHP Curl
Response will appear here, 
click "Pay button",
enter "4111 1111 1111 1111" as card number,
any future date as expiration date, 
and any 3 digit as CVC.

use \Uviba\UviPay;
include 'UviPay/init.php'; //path/to/UviPay library
UviPay::setPrivateKey('Your Private API KEY');

$process = UviPay::charge(
//Charge $100
//If request was post
$charge_id = $process['id'];
echo $process['error']['message'];
<form action="charge.php" method="post">
        data-public_key="Your Public Key"
        data-description="Description of item"
        data-name="Your business name" 
        data-image="Your logo url"

Available on these technologies

Node.js PHP Curl
Wordpress WooCommerce Plugin
Shopify Plugin

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