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Form LLC Company In U.S Delaware state

All Process is online, including getting EIN.

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You can skip middle name and suffix(at the end) if you don't have one

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Enter the exact LLC name, including upper and lower case letters, spaces and punctuation. LLCs must include: LLC, L.L.C. or the words Limited Liability Company to the end of your company name. If you do not provide one of the endings listed, we will automatically add the letters LLC at the end of the company name.


Delaware law requires every company must have an actual person as its communications contact. Please enter the name of a member, manager, employee or designated agent who is designated to communicate on behalf of the company. This person is responsible for receiving any service of process for the company and maintaining a current and accurate list of the members and managers of the LLC. This information is not for the public record but may be requested by the Delaware Secretary of State under certain conditions.

You can skip middle name and suffix(at the end) if you don't have one

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Please fill in the full names of all members to whom Uviba is releasing the LLC until members sign the company's Operating Agreement. The member information will not appear on the Certificate of Formation for the public record.

We can add any additional information (E.g., birth date or passport number) to your company's internal paperwork appointing the initial member(s). Simply list the information after each member's name. This information will not appear on the state of Delaware's documents and it is not required; it is an option.


Every entity must obtain a Federal Tax Identification Number before it can open a U.S. bank account, hire U.S. employees or pay U.S. taxes. Think of the EIN as the social security number for your company. We'll do all paper work, and IRS will send you EIN document.
The processing time will depend on how we can submit your filing to the IRS. If a filing contains a non-U.S. address or the member does not have a ITIN issued by the U.S., it must be submitted by fax. All other filings will be processed online first and only faxed if the Tax ID Number cannot be obtained online. Orders submitted online with the IRS: 3-4 business days
Orders will be submitted by fax with the IRS: 15-20 business days

The processing times begin after we receive the signed SS4 form.


A responsible party must execute the SS4 application. A responsible party can either be an individual or, if the LLC is owned by another entity, that entity's owner.

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Where is your corporation physically located? The physical location of your corporation can be anywhere in the world, but it cannot be a P.O. Box.

You will receive an email from [email protected] within the next business day. The email will contain your required documents and instructions on how to proceed. The documents can be signed directly through the link provided in the email, so you do not have to email a copy of the signed forms back to us.

Important, Please Read

Please review and ensure all the information listed below is accurate, and shown exactly as you want it. Once you submit your application, you cannot make any changes. If you need to make changes later, you will be required to submit additional paperwork and/or pay additional fees.